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The Future of Classification is Here.

Uncovering 500% more of your most critical data than competing solutions, automating years of work.

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It’s impossible for humans to sift through the sheer volume of information and for machines to digest its meaning, creating a huge gap between regulated data and critical information.

Because Cognni autonomously provides your company with a granular understanding of what your information is, where it is, and if it’s at risk, our solution goes beyond data discovery and closes the gap.

Autonomous Solutions
That Work for You!

Step 1: Creates Information Inventory

You can’t protect what you don’t know about…. use autonomous mapping to find invisible information at every level of your organization.

Step 2: Hunts for Vulnerabilities

Cognni uses content recognition and Information Intelligence to illuminate InfoSec vulnerabilities. We diagnose overexposures, oversharing, and missing protection, so that your most critical information can remain secure and compliant.

Step 3: Mitigates Your Risks

Our dashboards and forensic investigation provide you with unparalleled insights into anomalous user sharing activities and risky information flows, so that you can easily monitor and mitigate information risks.

Why are companies using Cognni?

Cognni’s autonomous labeling eliminates months of work and provides the visibility you need to achieve world-class information protection.

Enabling InfoSec workers to mitigate company information risks & automate labeling, Cognni does the work that’s impossible for InfoSec teams to complete on their own.

Cognni runs out of the box and takes just 5 minutes to connect. No extra setup, no installation and no user involvement.

Cognni’s accuracy is better than a human and can save your InfoSec teams 100s of hours of work.

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Having the right intelligence is the key to protection!

We’re on a mission to transform the way you understand and secure your most critical information assets.

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Because understanding information matters

Maps Your Critical Information Assets

Our AI goes beyond the limits of existing data discovery tools to autonomously map and classify your critical Financial, Legal, HR, Governance, and Business information. We use content recognition to detect unregulated information, understanding the ideas and details of files at a granular level, like a human would, rather than only extracting regulated data like PII, PHI, and PCI.

Hunts for Your Undiagnosed Information Risks

We uncover and triage undiagnosed risks by developing a deep understanding of your critical information and how it moves across your organization. By using AI to understand what exists and where it flows, we can pinpoint anomalous and risky user sharing activities affecting your most valuable information

Compiles Actionable Forensics

We compile intelligence reports to understand the activities around specific files, entities, and information categories, to reveal risks and patterns.

Our dashboards answer specific questions regarding what critical information is, where it’s located, and who is sharing it.

Automates Your Microsoft Information Protection

Cognni integrates seamlessly with MIP to automatically increase label coverage by up to 500% and improve policy implementation, without disrupting workflows. We autonomously eliminate months of work, and provide the visibility and flexibility you need to achieve world-class information protection.

Trust, Security, and Our Supporters

We are among the first members of MISA

We are a preferred solution in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and AppSource

We are the Microsoft Security 20/20 Awards – Compliance Trailblazer Winner

We’ve been recognized as an innovative startup at Cybertech Global 2022 Conference

We are certified as secure and compliant with top international privacy regulations

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