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Discover a world where you don’t have to worry about your information

Information Security problems? Relax, we’ve got that covered.

Discover Cognni

InfoSec infinite brain

Cognni is zero-effort information intelligence that adds meaning to any piece of information created, downloaded, accessed or shared. Works with services you already use, to make your work simpler and easier.

Be the security hero

Cognni will make your InfoSec think like a human, right out of the box, so you can focus on the bigger picture, keeping the information flow safe.

Our Unique Technology

Cognni knows what is being shared

Helps you know where information is going, and when it’s at risk, so you don’t have to worry.

Cognni knows if it’s a risk

Autonomously detects information security incidents, vulnerabilities and potential threats, around the clock, not missing a thing.

Cognni knows what to do

Investigates incidents automatically so that you can triage and resolve incidents quickly and easily.

We’re on a mission to make your information security simpler, easier, and better than you can imagine

Everything You Need

Autonomous Mapping

Cognni understands complex business situations on the cloud and maps information. Know exactly where your information is located, what information is being moved, where it’s going and who is sharing it.

Autonomous Detection

No more endless policies and alerts. Cognni autonomously detects information security incidents, vulnerabilities and potential threats. Get cognitive insights out of the box so that you can focus on your work.

Autonomous Investigation

Cognni focuses your InfoSec work with fast investigation into risky exposures. Drill down into risk insights in a few clicks. Autonomously. Zero disruption.

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