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Put your InfoSec tools on Autopilot

with Information Intelligence

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Automate Your Protection

Step 1: Autonomous Mapping

Autonomously maps all your important information so that you know what to protect.

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Step 2: Intelligent Detection

Intelligently detects risks to your important information, autonomously clearing the noise.

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Step 3: Respond with Precise Automation

Automate precise actions with the actionable insights Cognni provides.

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Bringing Information Intelligence to M365

Pushing beyond the limits of RegEx and known terms we equip you with a complete picture of your important information. Cognni is able to identify risks to your information that you didn’t know existed.

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Save 100s of work hours!

Autonomously does the work that takes your team 100s of hours to complete

Automates MIP labeling & reduces the number of false alerts in MCAS.

No setup, no implementation. SaaS or on-prem.

No end user involvement. No disruption to business productivity

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We are the industry leader in Information Intelligence

We’re on a mission to transform how you understand the meaning of your shared business information.

Autonomous Mapping

Cognni understands complex business situations and maps information. Know exactly where your information is located, what information is being shared, and who is sharing it.

Autonomous Detection

Cognni autonomously detects information security incidents, vulnerabilities and potential threats. Get cognitive insights out of the box so that you can focus on your work.

Autonomous Investigation

Cognni focuses your InfoSec work with fast investigation into risky exposures. Drill down into risk insights in a few clicks. Zero disruption.

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