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Cognni’s AI hunts for information sharing risks you didn’t even know existed

Understand the meaning. Then take action. 

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Bringing Information intelligence to M365

Reduce risks. Stay secure. Be compliant

Taking a proactive approach to information recognition. Our AI understands context, learning which interactions are acceptable within M365. Cognni identifies risks to your information that you didn’t even know existed.

Our Unique Technology

Cognni maps your information

Know what information is being shared and with whom it’s being shared.

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Cognni detects exposures early

Clears the noise to show you incidents that could be real risks.

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Cognni shows you what’s at risk

Find out more about exposures to resolve incidents quickly.

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Our Partners

Save 100s of work hours!

Autonomously does the work that takes your team 100s of hours to complete

Clears the noise by only showing you incidents that present real risks

No setup, no lengthy implementation. As easy as it sounds

No end user involvement. No disruption to business productivity

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We’re on a mission to transform how you understand the meaning of your shared business information.

Moving beyond information discovery

Autonomous Mapping

Cognni understands complex business situations and maps information. Know exactly where your information is located, what information is being shared, and who is sharing it.

Autonomous Detection

Cognni autonomously detects information security incidents, vulnerabilities and potential threats. Get cognitive insights out of the box so that you can focus on your work.

Autonomous Investigation

Cognni focuses your InfoSec work with fast investigation into risky exposures. Drill down into risk insights in a few clicks. Zero disruption.

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